CSA Agreement Form

Hola Happy Eaters!

Good news: Purple Sol Farm has a new home! On Monday I signed a lease with some new friends in Baltimore County. The farm is just north of the Hunt Valley Golf Club. It’s a very convenient location due to it’s proximity to… YOU!

The farm is owned by Terry McGeehan, she lives there with her daughters Natalie and Elizabeth. Natalie’s boyfriend, Dave, hangs around a lot as well. While the location is great, the soil will do just fine, and it is certainly a beautiful property; the main appeal is cool people and good vibes. I’m excited to begin the season here!

Right now I’m keeping a sharp eye on the clouds. At this point I am cheering for no precipitation so the fields become dry enough to work. But, as I always say, the good Mama Earth will do what she’s gotta do. Crossed fingers make useless hands. Plus, I have plenty of computer work to do. (I still need to do my taxes and sign up for health care. doh!)

Click here to download the sign up form for the CSA. Fill her out and send her in! If you are regarding the payment plan with dubiousness, email me and we can figure it out.

Questions? You know what to do.

Veggies coming soon!



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