I began Purple Sol Farm in the late winter of 2013. I was freshly done with a challenging but inspiring season at Spiral Path Farm in West Perry County, Pennsylvania. Before that I had lived, learned and worked at the Dickinson College Farm in Boiling Springs, PA for two seasons.

During that winter, I sought new direction, I needed to grow as a farmer, so I could grow, as a farmer. At the 2013 PASA conference the writing on the wall became clear and connections were made. Shortly thereafter I began Purple Sol Farm on rented land from my good friends and mentors Judy and Jonas Stoltzfus at their grass-fed, certified organic and Animal Welfare Approved beef farm, JuJo Acres. During the 2013 season, I cultivated about an acre of land in one of their cow pastures. Through the generosity and support of Judy and Jonas, my friends at Spiral Path Farm, my friends at the Dickinson College Farm, other area farmers, and a little bit of trial and error by myself, I grew enough vegetables to supply 25 families in the farms first CSA season. I was also able to sell some vegetables to Atwater’s Bakery and Restaurant.

As the 2013 season came to a close, I again realized that both myself and my business needed to move closer to home. A brief pursuit of land for purchase which yielded a few dead-ends and some heartbreak, I decided to try some leasing opportunities. After a brief stint in Phoenix, MD, PSF has now found a good home in Sparks, MD.

The rest of Purple Sol Farms history has to be lived before it may be written. But for the time being, I am filled with high hopes and big dreams as my feet are pressed firmly into the soil.