farmer’s market

May Update

Purple Sol Friends,

Woah! I’ve been a busy bee the past few weeks. May is one of the top 12 busiest months on the farm. Everything is growing daily. Everything is turning green… well, things that are supposed to turn green. The compost piles are starting to heat up too. Such a productive month!

A few quick updates from the farm:  Greenhouse is all finished; and the fancy roll up sides are installed and working.

3 fields are tilled, 2 of them are already full of plants. I’m waiting for the grass that was growing in the third to finish breaking down so I can start planting.

After a vigorous application period, the farm has hired 36 new employees. See photos. Their qualifications in the departments of weeding, fertilizing, and egg laying made them stand out from all of the other applicants. It also helps that they are willing to accept a very modest salary of fresh pasture, water, and non-GMO chicken feed. Egg production starts in a few weeks!

Also, you may have heard:  PSF has signed on as a vendor at the all new Hampden Farmer’s Market. Come out every Saturday between 9 am and 1 pm at the corner of 36th and Elm. In addition to the veggies we are selling beef from JuJo Acres (PSF’s old home!) In the first two weeks, the market has been tremendous. Stop by and say hi!

Finally, the business of setting up the CSA drop offs. We have 6 drop off points:  Canton, Mt. Vernon, Mt. Washington, Homeland, Cockeysville, and Hampden. The deliveries for everything but Hampden will be Wednesdays. The shares will be available from 4 to 8 pm at each location. The Hampden drop off will occur during the aforementioned farmer’s market. I think everybody knows their pick up sites, but I’ll send out group emails with the address to confirm. If you opted for the half share that is a full share every other week, your delivery will begin next week, on the 4th.

Veggies hooray!